Pure elegance in the traditional of master carpenters.
  • With an impressive size and in combination with high-quality materials such as exquisite real wood and dark ceramics, this planning scenario sets new standards and attracts attention. The complete cladding of the handle-less kitchen run and the adjoining units with the new BOSSA programme in walnut is an architectural statement that makes no compromises in terms of function or aesthetics. Protruding, linear ridges, 7.5 mm wide with a gap of 5 mm between each ridge, give the veneer a delicate, extremely vital, three-dimensional look.

    In this way, the second material, mitred ceramic, also comes into its own in this planning scenario. The free-standing island block in front of the kitchen run as well as the worktops are made of high-quality ceramic –- they underline the sophisticated, luxurious look of this exceptional kitchen, which could potentially become a true style icon. Details such as colour-coordinated taps round off the harmonious overall picture.

    All equipment as well as storage space solutions are concealed behind the expressive BOSSA front clad with fine walnut, which for the first time makes it possible for LEICHT to style large areas in a completely homogeneous manner and thus create a uniform, perfect look throughout the entire living space. This visually creates a unique fusion of kitchen, wall and unit fronts – the entire surface seems to be a furniture soloist, a seamless room module.

  • Range 1BOSSA | walnut
    Range 2CERAMIC