The functionality that characterizes wardrobes modules.
  • Freedhome System where the door is symmetric in width, not full and features swing opening. Grid uncovers the functionality that characterizes its modules. It offers it directly to you in an open space. And it leaves you the freedom to customize the modules with drawers and flap doors, open compartments at different heights, opening tv door panels always visible.

    Low, medium, high. These are the heights that the open area in the module can assume. Single or double is the door shape you can choose. 1, 2 or 3 are the numbers of the drawers. On opening, extraction is total and on closing it is dampened.

    The open compartment can have two widths. With the single leaf it is narrower and offers its space as a pocket emptier. With the double leaf it is wider and can accommodate books or objects. Behind the doors storage is organized with hangers and shelves.