Purist aesthetics.
  • With Xtend+, LEICHT is presenting a trend-setting design development which has the potential to make key changes in kitchens and dramatically influence kitchen architecture. The dainty wall system with illuminated shelves in aluminium rails is designed to be placed on the worktop, completely filling the space above it. Together with the current carriers for the LED shelf lighting, horizontal slats that are 13 cm wide and 4 cm thick are slotted into the supports of the dainty, but sturdy aluminium construction.

    The Xtend+ shelving system comes in grids up to 180 cm wide and 134 cm high. This means it can be planned to finish flush with the tall units. The pull-up technology is integrated above the slats behind an easily accessible drop shutter that at the same time is level with adjacent tall units.

  • Range 1CLASSIC-FS | F 100 arctic
    Range 2CLASSIC-FS | F 999 RAL
    Range 3IOS-M | G 999 RAL
    Handle 394 Metal bow handle