Free to go inside for a large storage experience.
  • Camerino is the most spacious and most hospitable member of the Freedhome System. Everyone can stand inside to put their wardrobe in order, arrange the dishes, file works, projects or collections. It can be installed in several points of the home: the sleeping area, the living area, the study area. For the sleeping area with glass doors, and inside all clothes neat and tidy.

    The finishes cover is elegantly. The glass of the doors, the high gloss lacquering of the outside, the walnut of the interior back panels. The aesthetic uniformity of the Camerino interior with the back panel, shelves and drawer unit in walnut. And with the discreet but essential presence of the upright.

    Free to stay in Camerino to arrange your wardrobe on the shelves and the large hanger rod. This is large storage accommodated in depth. Inside, everything is within reach and easily found, where total opening finds the largest space to fully express itself. Anyone who does not know what large storage is should try entering Camerino.