30 years of Valcucine glass kitchen

  • The first kitchen in glass: pure, natural, precious and resistant. We created the first glass kitchen in the world 30 years ago. A very innovative event that focused on man and his well-being.

    The refined qualities of glass, one of the most fascinating, pure and least toxic materials available, is a continuous source of inspiration for us. Just like master glass workers look for shapes and colours in molten glass, likewise we have devised different creations for our kitchens.

    Gloss glass magnifies spaces, matt glass is subtly refined; both are available in numerous colours. Glass with tactile patterns that "vibrate" when you touch them and textile patterns that remind you of the soft texture of fabrics. Last but not least, we offer the extreme customisation of graphical or artistic decors that turn the kitchen into a unique work of art.

    Lengthy research into materials and their limits of resistance has allowed us to revolutionise the kitchen sector with Invitrum, the first base unit system made entirely of glass except for an aluminium frame. Health, resistance and eco-sustainability are the main values of this kitchen system.