The space to make it an everyday habit.
  • Roomy modules are designed to contain functional elements and perform everyday operations. The mirror for a quick look before you go out, the television for moments of entertainment, work at the desk, a passion for reading or for music. The opening side doors, drawers and flap doors complete the storage space of the Roomy module.

    Wall consisting of opening tv module and Core total-opening module with glass doors. This is the freedom of Roomy to make a wall with Core. This is the freedom which the Freedhome System gives you to create your own composition.

    The mirror rotates by 360° in a module with a depth of 40 cm. It contains and hides any clutter. It acts as a mirror in the entrance area. The small side doors open up and uncover hangers for coats, scarves and hats. The bio-ethanol fireplace characterizes the composition of the module between drawers, doors and flap doors. The lively flame that keeps company, the visual warmth of its light.