Timeless architecture, from kitchen to home.
  • Timeless architecture is all about reducing things to the essential. Stylistic elements and materials used deliberately and in moderation create a holistic spatial image. BOSSA, with vertical lines in walnut demonstrate how LEICHT can furnish rooms. As an elegant solution for a wide range of storage requirements, sideboards make a classic style statement – whether in the living room, dining area, bathroom or entrance hall.

    In a room whose walls are kept plain all around, all surfaces are of equal significance. Elegant, filigree VERO glass display cabinets structure open rooms and areas and, at the same time, are decisive design elements. Lightly tinted glass and optional interior lighting enhance the dramatic effect of the products presented there. The design freedom of LEICHT’s planning scenarios also continues in the bathroom. Furnishing bathrooms is part of LEICHT’s interior design expertise and combines the desire for beauty, function and individual bespoke solutions

  • Range 1BOSSA | 352 walnut lined
    Range 2Fenix | F45 black slate
    Range 3VERO glass unit