The Morgan Press Conference introduced LEICHT

CAAL is appreciated to provide Germany LECHT kitchen cabinet in The Morgan, located in 31 Conduit Road, Mid-level, partner with Phoenix Property Investors.

"The Art" is a piece of reference art work showing the advanced engineering technology of LEICHT with aesthetics and science in mind. The design intent of "the Art" is to create a precise engineered pocket door system, packed with every daily essential. Equipped with the most advanced railing mechanism, ergonomic design and superior finishes.

Truly good design and good taste are always current, always relevant. Quiet, muted colours determine the image of the modern LEICHT kitchen. The setup gains expression and life through an ingenious combination of colours, materials and a sophisticated surface feel. Authenticity and a sense of the natural are important aspects of modern kitchen architecture, as conceived by the House of LEICHT.