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Italy’s Valcucine is a well-known global manufacturer of kitchen cabinets. With a sense of modernism and avant-garde playfulness, its designs challenge the conventional notion of kitchen cabinets and set the pace for the European home furnishing trend. Valcucine has made a name for itself internationally and is recognized as a pioneer in Italian furniture design in just 40 years. It has received multiple accolades for its international designs, including the GOOD DESIGN AWARD, ICFF Furniture Award, and ADI-FAD Award. The headquarters and manufacturing facility of Valcucine are situated in Pordenone, an area well-known for its Italian kitchen cabinets.

In addition to Europe, the United States, the Middle East, India, Southeast Asia, and South Africa, Valcucine distributes its goods to approximately 370 specialty stores annually. Four gifted Italian architects created Valcucine in 1988, and the company’s design team is presently led by Mr. Gabriele Centazz. He oversees the core team’s annual research, development, and production of kitchen designs that adhere to the wellness (putting people at the center), innovation (embracing innovation), and timeless (creating designs that never go out of style) tenets.


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BoDW Open House & In-house Party

Throughout the duration of BoDW, Valcucine showroom was opened to visitors, discover our latest V-Motion technology and ground breaking materials.

Italian Mosaicist Mohamed Chabarik showed the story behind a Valcucine Genius Loci drawer through the art of mosaic.

Mosaicist Mohamed Chabarik said, "I was born in Aleppo, in Syria, in 1978. I have always expressed myself by drawing, I love working with my hands, searching for technical and material solutions. Discovering mosaic art has been a way of combining all this, a way of telling about the world."

Valcucine is based in Pordenone, Italy and through its own state of the arts, environmentally conscious factory, distributes kitchens to more than 370 stores worldwide.

"We recount the beauty of ancient handcrafted workmanship.
We tell stories about precious details and secret spaces that turn the kitchen into a special, unique place."

FLorart Workshop

During the week of Mid-Autumn Festival, we are delighted to invite Jelly-Art Artistes, Mrs. Sandy Liu from FLorart, to share idea of making creative 3D Jelly Cake in Valcucine showroom.

This is a fantastic experience to customize Jelly-Art in Valcucine kitchen, excellence is an attitude. In Valcucine, every day innovative techniques reinterpret the excellence of hand-crafted workmanship, affording dignity and beauty to the treasures of the past that may otherwise be forgotten. This is how unique cult products are born.

Genius Loci is the latest kitchen concept from Gabriele Centazzo. The design establishes new industry standards for the function and orchestration of kitchen spaces and can incorporate hand crafted elements to reflect the taste of the most discerning clients.

Special thanks to FLorart

HKIDA Fellow Dinner

HKIDA Fellow Dinner

HKIDA Fellow Dinner 2017 is arranged at CAAL showroom on 27 March, 2017. All of the fellow members, executive committees and guests enjoyed a wonderful evening and discussed the development of local interior design industry.

We are thankful for support and contributions to our inspiration by breathtaking interior designers in local and worldwide, elegance and harmony are the result of the perfect coordination of details.

The freshest household cooking experience

Irinox, a professional Italian cooking appliance brand, presented its new Irinox Home Collection in CAAL showroom. Cooperative chef of Irinox, Chef Louis Loo from Malaysia, brought the freshest cooking experience with latest Irinox Home  Collection, including "slow-cooking", "blast chilling", "shock freezing", "natural proofing", "ready-made dishes".

Menu for the day were Salmon Carpaccio, Drunken Chicken Roulade, Osso Bucco with Mash, Coconut Agar Agar and Tiramisu. 

The Irinox Home collection includes Freddy, the first blast chiller designed for domestic use combining fast chilling and slow heating functions; Zero, the first built-in professional-standard vacuum sealer that reaches a vacuum close to zero. Wave, the household water dispenser that connects directly to the water supply line to deliver fresh, purified, high-quality water; Vinoteca, a single and double-temperature wine cabinet available as a free-standing or built-in version with customizable temperatures for all wine types.

Danielle Peita Graham Host Book Launch

Model and author Danielle Peita Graham debuted her first cookbook On the Table at Home, a treasure trove of recipes that are healthy, delicious and simple to make. To give guests a taste of her recipes, Graham partnered Valcucine for an intimate gathering and food tasting. During the soiree, Graham shared her insights on wellness and innovation, as well as signed copies of her book, while guests sampled her recipes prepared in the Valcucine kitchen.

Valcucine kitchen is innovated for life. Every design detail and element are the latest kitchen concept inspired from Gabriele Centazzo.

We put people and their well-being at the centre of what we do; stimulating their senses to bring about joy in everyday activities.
We design kitchens made to last generations, kitchens that are timeless and impervious to trends.
We transform cooking into an extraordinary experience
through the constant innovation of forms and materials.
We focus on people and the environment in which they live.
We innovate for life.

An Exclusive Dessert Workshop

An exclusive dessert workshop is hold in CAAL showroom on 17th November evening, with our VIP guests. This workshop leads a step by step demonstration and hands on cooking process of making Italian traditional dessert Zuppa Inglese.

Our cooperation Italian chef Simone Bianchi from ilbelpaese prepared an amazing Italian dinner for the night, Pan seared scallops with foie gras and peach tartare in appetizer, as well as Red prawn linguine in main course.

Valcucine's design is focused on the wellbeing of the users. For those who love cooking – be they experimental or traditional cooks, gourmet or health enthusiasts -  and having an organised space at hand dedicated to various functions, the modularity of the new interior drawer accessories keeps everything within reach in an orderly and functional way.

The Morgan Press Conference introduced LEICHT

CAAL is appreciated to provide Germany LECHT kitchen cabinet in The Morgan, located in 31 Conduit Road, Mid-level, partner with Phoenix Property Investors.

"The Art" is a piece of reference art work showing the advanced engineering technology of LEICHT with aesthetics and science in mind. The design intent of "the Art" is to create a precise engineered pocket door system, packed with every daily essential. Equipped with the most advanced railing mechanism, ergonomic design and superior finishes.

Truly good design and good taste are always current, always relevant. Quiet, muted colours determine the image of the modern LEICHT kitchen. The setup gains expression and life through an ingenious combination of colours, materials and a sophisticated surface feel. Authenticity and a sense of the natural are important aspects of modern kitchen architecture, as conceived by the House of LEICHT.