Danielle Peita Graham Host Book Launch

Model and author Danielle Peita Graham debuted her first cookbook On the Table at Home, a treasure trove of recipes that are healthy, delicious and simple to make. To give guests a taste of her recipes, Graham partnered Valcucine for an intimate gathering and food tasting. During the soiree, Graham shared her insights on wellness and innovation, as well as signed copies of her book, while guests sampled her recipes prepared in the Valcucine kitchen.

Valcucine kitchen is innovated for life. Every design detail and element are the latest kitchen concept inspired from Gabriele Centazzo.

We put people and their well-being at the centre of what we do; stimulating their senses to bring about joy in everyday activities.
We design kitchens made to last generations, kitchens that are timeless and impervious to trends.
We transform cooking into an extraordinary experience
through the constant innovation of forms and materials.
We focus on people and the environment in which they live.
We innovate for life.

An Exclusive Dessert Workshop

An exclusive dessert workshop is hold in CAAL showroom on 17th November evening, with our VIP guests. This workshop leads a step by step demonstration and hands on cooking process of making Italian traditional dessert Zuppa Inglese.

Our cooperation Italian chef Simone Bianchi from ilbelpaese prepared an amazing Italian dinner for the night, Pan seared scallops with foie gras and peach tartare in appetizer, as well as Red prawn linguine in main course.

Valcucine's design is focused on the wellbeing of the users. For those who love cooking – be they experimental or traditional cooks, gourmet or health enthusiasts -  and having an organised space at hand dedicated to various functions, the modularity of the new interior drawer accessories keeps everything within reach in an orderly and functional way.